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22 April 2015 @ 08:20 pm
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And if you're a woman, you should agree in the terms of this post
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09 April 2015 @ 12:16 am

Happy LOST day! 4/8/15 (16:23:42).
I couldn't resist to vid Skate again, hope you understand because I wanted to vid a LOST tribute again but at the end I chose Sawyer & Kate.
I made this video in less than 2 hours, is not a masterpiece I know but the meaning is everything here.
-No copyright infrigmented intented-
I OWN NOTHING BUT THE EDIT. Also don't forget to subscribe the channel if you want to see more.
-I will not answer any "what's the song?" or "who signs this song?". All info at the end of the video, so if you want to know, watch the entire video or skip till the end.-
·Footage: LOST
·Seasons: 1 to 6
·Coloring: Mine
·Watermark: Mine too
Ask me anything here:
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Is not a secret that many of us learned to love this lonely girl with a lot of family issues but since Nina confirmed that there won’t be any Elena next season because she’s leaving, what does this mean for the the show? Or a better question, what did Elena meant for the story of the show?.

Let me start admitting that it will be kinda of weird to look at The Vampire Diaries picture without her but we can’t do anything but to support her decision and career; and now let me begin:

Some of the fans always believed that Vampire Diaries was only about Stelena’s journey or Delena’s journey (it doesn’t matter anymore who is your Elena’s otp to be honest), but I always considerer myself a non-Delena or Stelena-endgame believer. Why? Because I always saw Elena Gilbert as the… let’s call it “waist belt” for “the Salvatore pants”.

Okay, I get that maybe you feel kinda of insulted that I called Elena a waist belt for the Salvatore pants but let’s analyze the cast photos (who always have a secret meaning behind of what is gonna happen in the future of the show) to see if I have a point or not:

At first you can obviously think that this shots represented Delena or Stelena, implying what side you chose, but in reality they have a totally different meaning; Elena is the road to a Defan stability.

Damon and Stefan were/are/will be always the protagonists and each one of them represented a different personality.

In the first two seasons Stefan was the white prince and Damon the black prince. At the begining of s3 everything changed and Stefan was a grey character as Damon, and right now in the sixth season we can clearly see (even when Stefan turned it off again) that they’re in the same page, at the same level.

They love eachother and the chose to fight for the other when the time came, so this is Vampire Diaries: a story between two brothers who had a lot of differences in the past but they finally found the road (Elena) to a balanced relationship.

Elena will be always the most important person in Stefan and Damon’s life because she crossed their paths and represented the very good reason because Stefan and Damon will always want to be near eachother.

Elena was always the symbol to Stefan & Damon’s love for eachother.

And we all should be thankful to Nina for how great she was playing all those doppelgangers.

So thank you Nina Dobrev, you did a great job as Elena, Katerina, Tatia & Amara, we will always have a nice memory of you.

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06 April 2015 @ 10:24 pm

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03 April 2015 @ 09:49 am
I'm having a hard time with my hard drive and at the moment I can't make any videos so I decide to make icons (is something in which I don't totally suck LOL). So! If you want me to icon any show/movie, don't be shy and tell me
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03 April 2015 @ 12:10 am

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