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28 May 2015 @ 12:17 am

I think this was for my old self, because I can't find any other logical reason for this video.
It doesn't really have a plot, I used to read a lot of fanfictions about Hermione and some of them were with Tom Riddle.
Feel free to write fanfictions thanks to this video or to link this video to one of your favorite Tomione's fanfictions (but credit me if you do!).
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S5 official trailer:

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First of all, let me remind you who Benjamin Stark is/was/whatever… he was Ned’s Little brother, see, Ned had three siblings: his older brother Brendan, his pretty sister Lyanna and Benjen.

Benjen was never up to be a part of Robert’s rebelion during the Targaryen crisis, he decided to stay back in Winterfell (well, he stayed because of the known fact that there must be a Stark in Winterfell, always), when Ned came back, Benjen joined the Night’s Watch for his own reasons and soon became the first Ranger.
We saw him in the show the first three episodes of season 1 to never see him again, so let’s begin with all the connections between the White walkers, the Starks and a probably Daenerys vs Jon war:
This theory is based about how Benjen was probably captured by the White Walkers and there are two possibilities here: he was made one of their new commanders OR used as a sacrificed (in season 4 we saw a glimpse at what looks like a high-ranking White Walker & the Stark’s shield that make me believe that he is a White Walker. A picture is worth a thousand words ):


Some readers (including myself) believe that the Starks somehow have an inch in connection to the White walkers or that the Stark’s blood has the answers to how bring down the Wall.
White Walkers cannot pass the Wall because of it’s magic, so, to bring it down  they have to use Stark’s blood.
The Wall was made by Bran Stark “The Builder”

And there’s some kind of magic there who connects the Wall to the Stark’s blood.
We have three sides in the show/books: the White Walkers, the red god followers and in the very middle the maesters (the ones who hate magic because they cannot control it); so fire and ice exists in a state of “balance”. And how do they kept that balance? Well, they basically took down that magic, this is were Dany’s dragons came in.

(not my gif)

Dragons have an inexplicable connection to magic, so most things the maesters wrote about dragons is false and this means there’s a chance about more history being falsified, and this is were we talk again about the White Walkers.
Now, a creature like a dragon born of fire is totally linked to the red god followers, but we know so little about the White Walker’s history; in one of the old Nan’s tales the White Walkers appeared thanks to the long night, they battle joining forces with The First Man & The Children Of The Force for a long time and then the last hero came with his dragon steel blade and the war ended (I believe this is a reference to the Valyrian Steel), but then the Wall was built.
We really don’t know much about this last hero, it could be a personification of Azor Ahai.

So, thanks to the association of the last hero’s myth Azor Ahai, we have the valyrian Steel & dragons & White Walker son the other side.
The interesting thing about old Nan’s tales is that they only speak about the White Walkers closing in the last hero, she never  talks about him killing them all. And how do you end a war without killing the other side? Easy, you make a deal, a peace treaty.
If the last hero only appeared at the end of the long night is probably a logical thing to assume that he was the intermediary of that peace treaty, right?. You know, he was just a simple warrior or a general.
The Children Of The Force had their own war against The First Man and if they eventually made a deal is not hard to believe that the peace treaty only could have been made with another supernatural force.
Jumping to modern day Westeros, how do you seal a peace treaty between two Houses? With a marriage.
What if the White Walkers built the Wall with their ice magic? And they built it to seal out men from their lands.

Is not hard to believe that over the centuries people started to forgot about the true meaning of the Wall. Now I know we haven’t seen any White Walker Bride but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
Historically the Night’s Queen did exist, we just don’t have enough information about her.

Let’s involve characters with all this facts about the three sides, the Wall and the magic:
The interesting fact about this is that it is implying that the Starks would have White Walkers DNA. They’re the human personification of the Winter, Winter brings Ice and White Walkers are based in Ice Magic.
Means that whatever the finale battle would probably be, the surviving Starks would align themselves with the White Walkers.
Who is the fire of this scenario? Melissandre & Daenerys with her dragons. They’re the personification of fire, House Targaryen’s motto is Fire & Blood.
But why did the White Walkers wait till now to start attacking again? The only reason I find here because all of this facts is that they’re doing it again because of the men’s actions, men are actually NOT holding the peace treaty anymore. They’re colonizing in the North & the beginning of the White Walkers attacks coincide with the reemerging of the dragons. Fire & Ice. This is balance. So the Fire comes back so does Ice.
Here is where we need to talk about Azor Ahai’s prophecy, see, Rhaegar Targaryen was obsessed with the prophecy and what if her understood that to keep that precious balance he had to have a son with Lyanna Stark? To bond Ice & Fire.

We’re assuming by now Jon Snow is the combination of the prophecy:
“I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R’hllor shows me only Snow.”
Melissandre, ADWD.
So, if the White Walkers are really connected to the Starks, would it be possible to think that their reappearance is the result of all the Stark’s who were killed? It makes the sound of “Winter is Coming” sounding more like a battle cry than a fearful premonition.
Jon and Daenerys are probably gonna be two sides of this equation. Meaning that depends of which perspective you take, one of them is the hero and one is the villain.

There are a lot of people who believe Daenerys will become the main villain of the series, for now is just a theory but when you look for evidences in Rhaegar’s prophecies like the blue flower growing in the Wall of Ice, you start seeing Jon as the prince who was promised.

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20 May 2015 @ 01:31 am

The last time we saw Sandor he is left for dead by Arya because of the brutal battle he and Brienne had. –that never happens in the books by the way-

(not my gif)
So basically, the show made you believe he is dead, or that he should be dead by now.
But, we never saw him die. There’s a theory known as “the Gravedigger” which suggests that Sandor is not only alive but he appears in one of Brienne’s chapters from A Feast For Crows. After his supposed death in A Storm Of Swords.
In this chaper, Brienne and Podrick Payne (and Hyle Hunt) are trying to find the Hound in the belief that he has Sansa –okay, he actually has- or had Arya, but either way Brinne swore that famous oath to Lady Catelyn which was pretty much about to keep the girls safe; the point is that Brienne, Podrick and Hyle pass through a small island in the Riverlands, which is inhabited by brothers of the Faith of the Seven who have made vows of silence. So Brienne talks with the Elder brother and he says that the Hound is already dead. He explains that he came across the dying Sandor and nursed him until his death (and buried him).  He talks about Sandor’s horse too, admitting that they have him now in their stables.
Now, we can assume that Sandor is not really dead because of the details (remember, details are the key to the whole A Song of Fire and Ice world).
While the Elder brothers tells Brienne about Sandor’s death:
“The Hound is dead.”
He also says that he “died” in the Battle of the Trident:
“I died in the Battle of the Trident.”
If we take it from here, we are seeing now how this man is talking about death, because this is not a literal death (a methaporical death), the end of one identity and the emergence of another. So, let’s go back to the moment which the Elder brother says the Hound is dead:
“The man you hunt is dead.”
“It is true, then,” [Brienne] said dully “Sandor Clegane is dead.”
“He is a rest.”
Following his responses all I am getting is that Sandor which was called the Hound is metaphorically dead, leaving him now “at rest”.
Brienne continues her path but she sees a brother digging graves who pretty much matches the Hound, he is described as being “bigger than her” (Brienne is very tall, and according to George R. R. Martin Sandor was one of the few people taller than her); this man is also described as being “lame” and “half-crippled”:
From the way he moves it was plain to see that he was lame
Remember again the fight, he was seriously injured at the Crossroads but one of his legs was in the worst state ever:

(not my gif)

Thirdly, Brienne sees the gravedigger scratching a dog’s ear. It could make sense that Sandor would show some kinda of affection for the animal that is his sigil, right?. A symbolic hint we have here.
Finally is said that the gravedigger is a novice of the brothers, which would make a lot of sense since he would be the newest member.
Another important detail is that many of the brothers wear “lengths of wool [around their] lower halves of their faces along with robes, all that [can] be seen of them are their eyes”. This means the disfiguring burns of Sandor’s face cannot be seen.

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15 May 2015 @ 09:31 pm
Let me elaborate this, okay?; back in the Mad King’s old days, the Targaryens were in charge of the seven kingdoms and well, everything! And a very young Joanna a companion of Rhaella, Aery’s sister and eventual queen. Meanwhile, Tywin grew up frustrated with his father, who had a bad reputation (he was know as a weak man), and was mocked to the point that Tywin began to mistrust laughter itself.
Tywin became determinated to be everything his father wasn’t; so he slaughtered the rebellios Tarbecks and The Reynes of Castamere, began restoring the prestige of his family name, the Lannisters & was made hand of the King.
If you followed me till this point, you’re gonna start seeing that this facts are very powerful ones; when Tywin and Joanna were married (he was so in love with her, he even smiled in their wedding you know, thing that wasn’t usual in him) :
“[Tywin] was not the same man after [Joanna] died…
The best part of him died with her”
“Men say that Tywin never smiled, but he smiled when he wed [Joanna]”
But something else happened that very day, according to Ser Barristan (he was the kingsguard), King Aerys “wanted” Joanna for years. At her wedding, Aerys made a joke totally drunk implying he wanted to sleep with her, and later he took “liberties”.
We have no clue of what exactly “liberties” meant because it was too early to have been Tyrion’s conception anyway.
The point of this moment is that you can see Aerys attraction to Joanna, and he did something to her on her wedding night. In A Storm of Swords, Joffrey tells Sansa that kings often sleep with whoever they want, including married women:
“A King can have other women. Whores [Robert] did. One of the Aegons did too. The third one, or the fourth. He had lots of whores and lots of bastards ”
As they whirled to the music, Joff gave a moist kiss [to Sansa].
“[Tyrion] will bring you to my bed whenever I command it.”
Sansa shook her head. “He won’t.”
“He will, or I’ll have his head. Tha King Aegon, he had any woman he wanted, whether they were married or not.”
So King Aerys not only wanted Joanna, he probably could have her. Aerys Targaryen might have been Tyrion’s biological father.
Now, it has been questioned whether Joanna was even at King’s Landing with Aerys at the time of Tyrion’s conception. It seems likely that she was, because Tywin presumably would’be been there, as hand of the King, and Joanna must have been with Tywin if not Aerys for Tyrion’s conception. That said, Joanna was apparently at Casterly Rocke “shortly” before giving birth (she died giving birth to Tyrion), so this part is unclear. Maybe she was at King’s Landing with Aerys and that’s  when Tyrion was conceived, or maybe Joanna was at Casterly Rock the whole time, and it couldn’t have been Aerys. Or, for all we know, Aerys could’ve fathered Tyrion at Casterly Rock, basically it’s inconclusive and it may have been Aerys.
If it was Aerys who fathered Tyrion, does Tywin know? It’s conceivable that he never knew; maybe Joanna was threatened into keeping it a secret or she just wanted to keep it a secret, and Tywin’s ignorance of Jaime & Cersei’s relationship shows that he’s impressibely good at being ignorant. But if you ask me it makes a lot of sense that he always knew, firstly because he outright says it a couple of times and also because it explains Tywin’s hatred for Tyrion.
This hatred is usually said to be because Tyrion “killed” Joanna in childbirth, which is a stupid reason to hate the kid; or he hates Tyrion for macking mockery of their house name by publicy drinking and whoring.
But even that is not a logical reason to just hate him.
Tywin has been and absolute cunt to Tyrion well before Tyrion was drinking and whoring. Tyrion was just 16 years old when Tywin refused to let him travel and instead put him in charge of “all the drains and cisterns within Casterly Rock”:
“… to mark his manhood, Tyrion was given charge of all the drains and cisterns within Casterly Rock”
Tyrion III, ADWD.
And just 13 when he had Tyrion’s love Tysha raped by his guards… (father of the year).
Who could do that to their own son? Jaime and Cersei have their personality defects but Tywin never did anything to them.
Tywin disowns Tyrion, when Tywin is obsessed with his legacy. It’s really worse for him to be Aery’s son makes all of this makes sense. When Aerys made Jamie Kingsguard, and therefore ineligible to inherit Casterly Rock, Aerys made his bastard, Tyrion, to heir to Tywin’s legacy. That spits in the face of everything Tywin worked for, so, of course Tywin disowns Tywion, he treats the Mad King’s son like shit, and he sacks Aerys’ city shortly after the thing with Jamie.
The real question is why Tywin would allow Tyrion to live as a Lannister? Maybe because despite everything he’s Joanna’s son, a Lannister (well, half Lannister) and the son of the woman Tywin loved. You know, it might even be a promise me situation which will link parallel Jon’s situation when he was born from Lyanna, but anyways Tywin treats Tyrion pretty abhorrently, but still ensures he lives a very comfortable life as a Lannister with plenty of gold and only tries to have him killed occasionally (again, father of the year. Father of the century!). Y’know, by putting him on the front lines the battle for no clear reason… Maybe Tywin figured that way he could get rid of him without directly kingslaying.
Next evidence: promise mewinmight even be a ' Lannister) and the son of the woman Tywin loved. in disowns new, gs often  thing that wasn'it mig
It’s a Targaryen thing to dream about dragons, Dany, Aemon, Daeron & Daemon are all know to have dragon dreams.
Who else? Tyrion!.
Tyrion has one green eye and one black, and hair that is pale blond and black. Lannisters are always describd with Golden-blond hair; but the pale-blond of Tyrion’s seems more similar to Targaryen hair (the ones with valyrian look. Because nota ll Targaryens had silver hair and violet eyes), which is generally described as silver-blond. It might be just a thing at first, like the house colors for ex. But as we were taught in the first book “seed is strong”, and hair color can speak about the genes.
Who else has mismatched eyes? Shiera Seastar, Aegon’s bastard. And the two-coloured hair, the two-coloured eyes could symbolically indicate Tyrion’s mixed blood.
A final note on his appearance –it’s been suggested that Tyrion’s dwarfism might be the result of Targaryen genetic weirdness (they usually married their own siblings), or just the result of an attempted abortion.
A final hint, and possibly the bigger one, Tyrion could fit very nicely into the three heads of the dragon’s prophecy: Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion.
They’re all main characters and share the same blood, each of their mothers died in childbirth, each of them have had to kill someone they love (Dany killed Drogo, Jon kinda killed Ygritte and Tyrion killed Shae), each could correspond the of the 3 living dragons, which they could fulfil the prophecy. Unite the Seven Kingdoms & defeat the evil Others… I don’t know LOL
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03 May 2015 @ 06:25 pm

I don't know why but I always pictured Grace's mom as Crystal Reed. I guess I'm lucky to vid this kinda... of video with them; satisfying my own imagination.
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29 April 2015 @ 01:37 pm

I have to be honest, this video came after one of replies to my answers.
A looooot of evidences that he's still there.
And when he says in the s3 finale "We're alive... we are alive" That's referring to his own state not to the whole pack.
In season 4 we had:
"Control is overrated" This moment was recorder for a villain, Stiles face covered in shadows like Vito Corleane's in the Godfather.
"We let him walk around like nothing ever happened. Like he's one of the good guys. Scott, he's not one of the good guys" this quotes was about Peter but... that's all subliminal.
On the other hand Peter & Stiles parallels:
Also in the scene where Scott, Kira, Liam and Stiles are planing their next move in s4, you can see this two little foxes in the table when Stiles is looking at Kira:
The white fox is for the kitsune: Kira and the black fox is for the Nogitsune: Stiles
And why do we had in episodes 23 & 24 Nogitsune wearing a black jacket, and then when Stiles was with Isaac and Meredith he was wearing that jacket!! They weren't wearing the same clothes when Scott woke up Stiles in it's own mind, remember?.
Why did Stiles puked the Nogitsune and not the contrary?
And why the heck do I think Nogitsune is still there? Because I am starting to think there wasn't any Nogitsune.
It was Stiles all the time.
I have two theories about this: Stiles is/was sleepwalker the whole s3b and sometimes in s4. Or it was his mother who was the Nogitsune and for some reason his powers weren't activated till he sacrificed himself in s3a for his father...
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Because if you look at it with a neutral eye, you’ll see that Damon for the very first time chose other person (in this case, Bonnie) over his beloved Elena.

This also can be read as the first time he chose to let Elena go.

Why? For what we saw of Damon this season, at first he was in that limbo with Bon-Bon trying to get his ass back to be with Elena again, then, when Bonnie decided to sent him back to be with her, he had to work really hard in order to get Elena back (this delena drama was supposed to last more episodes but since Nina wanted to leave, writers had to run this plot till it’s very limit) and now once he did, Bonnie gave him the famous cure and even when he acted a little bit selfish at some point, giving himself time to think about giving or not the cure to Elena and end her vampire-life to start a human one again, at the end he decided to stop fighting.

In my very personal opinion you can see Damon being tired.

Yes. Tired.

Tired of his feelings for Elena.

Of course he loves her! And he always will, but he is in a different place that he was before he died and well, came back to Mystic Falls!.

There’s some kinda of war inside of Damon, the love he has for Elena is kinda devouring him. His essence and everything that makes him Damon.

And even when he made the choice of taking the cure with her (how many times I wrote Elena’s name already? LOL), I don’t believe for even a second that he knows what he wants to do, because there’s a difference between making a choice and carry on with the circumstances and consequences that the decision will make in your life, and accepting it and well, start to be happy about it and blah, blah, blah AND just make a choice and try to get it over with.

I can’t see Damon being human and happy, not even with Elena by her side (by the way Julie Plec, how dare you saying that human Elena was made for Stefan?? She fell in love with Damon being human!!, is like you don’t remember… or you don’t want to remember) See, Damon is like Caroline in this aspect. They both turned not wanting to be a vampire and then they loved it (kinda of selfish Elena wanting to give Care-bear the cure because she knows Caroline loves being a vampire by the way. But as many of you said, Elena hasn’t be Elena since probably s4).

And I want to think Elena will see this in Damon, so she won’t allow him to take the cure. I don’t want to believe Elena in order to get what she wants more in her life, will make Damon live a misery human life.


Elena that’s not you.

So this is personal goodbye to Damon & Elena.

We already started the separation road. And I know is gonna hurt all over for many of you but it will get better.

They say that when you have to life a traumatic experience in life, you change. Even if you don’t want to.

Then there’s other people who admit that you never really change.

So what of those sentences is good for Damon at this point? One of them clearly says that he never really loved Elena but the feeling inside of him when he was/is with her.

That’s very different.

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22 April 2015 @ 08:20 pm
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And if you're a woman, you should agree in the terms of this post
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